Az. Module 1.0 released

Microsoft has announced the general availability of the Az. PowerShell Modules. They are compatible with PSCore, and are the future for scripting, automating Azure tasks. The AZureRM Modules, will only receive Bugfixes, but no new features anymore. Azure Automation will be able to use Az. Modules around March 2019 Read more here: Give them… Read more Az. Module 1.0 released

Azure Resource Graph Logo

Azure Resource Graph IV – „Where“ and string operators

Querying data needs always filtering capabilities. ARG, has a powerful query language that allows complex queries with just a few characters of typework.  Knowing how to filter data is importtant, so that you can use the power of the ARG engine before you retrieve the data to your session (PowerShell in that case), especially with… Read more Azure Resource Graph IV – „Where“ and string operators

Azure DevOps – Whats new ?

Microsoft announced Azure DevOps yesterday (Sept 10, 2018). Below find a summary of changes. 1.) URL´s change: gets (with autoredirection of old links) 2.) Pipelines now support GitHub and any git repo 3.) Boards seem to have new enhancements, but i couldnt figure out the difference between VSTS and Azure DevOps. Maybe you… Read more Azure DevOps – Whats new ?

Use a Raspberry PI to trigger Azure Automation runbooks

Dear all ! We hear so much about IoT and the Cloud so I thought, a practical example of how to  combine one of the most popular IoT devices, the Raspberry PI, with Azure Automation is appreciated. Whats the use case? When building this, you will have a Raspberry PI with a push-button, and when… Read more Use a Raspberry PI to trigger Azure Automation runbooks